Planning of photography shoots

Portrait / landscape / motion blur / motion capture / and something of you creative choice


For my landscape photo I wanted to be different about it and I thought about getting a armchair or a old sofa and making it look like it’s been through a lot by burning it and making it messy but then I thought I could just set sire to the chair and take a picture of the chair and the natural beauty around the chair, but I also thought about getting a lightbulb and placing it somewhere and making it work and just go into the wood just as it’s about to get dark and place the light over the chair.
I’ve been looking on ebay for chairs and I’ve had to go and pick them up so I’ve decided to go and look in Kendal charity’s to find a chair and go from there.

Artist inspiration:

Denise Grunstien:

‘Denise Grunstein is one of the most well known and respected Swedish photographers and her images speak to you in a very chilling way. Grunstein was born in 1950 in Helsinki and now lives and works in Stockholm.’

‘Many of the environments her models are placed within seem abandoned, which again adds an uncomfortable and chilling atmosphere.’

6a00d8341c683453ef00e54fba222d8834-800wi 6a00d8341c683453ef00e54fa68d998833-800wi 6a00d8341c683453ef00e54fba21eb8834-800wi

i couldnt find the arist of the picture but this is another idea i want to do with the landscape.


a light bulb lighting a trees in a forest


I had some idea’s for my portrait, i wanted to do something different and getting a person to dress up messy and make her look bruised up and make it tell a story like i could make her stand looking into the camera with blood coming down her arms and making it very deep and personal.

Another idea was make the person look very bright and colour and make it crazy and fun kinda like Alice in the wonderland or i can get someone in the woods and make the person sit somewhere being Alice in the wonderland but making her look like a dark side Alice.

i have another idea that i get and old light and place it over a person’s head and get all the shadow’s in the face but make the person face white or black, something different to catch peoples eyes.

Artist inspirations

As i couldn’t find artists i’ve just found some photos i want to try out in portrait.

colorize_skeleton_girl_by_shad_designs-d5ljz6x 059-creepy-portraits-cristina-otero

Motion blur

as i like the idea of using the woods i wanted to u motion blur in this by getting a person in the woods and making them move around and trying to get three people but the same person in different place.

Motion capture

I had some idea with this one by using the white screen i wanted a person to jump or get Cara to dance so i get her in motion and it’ll be focused bu then i wanted the woods idea again making her dance and ill get it all in forces.

there was another one where i take a person to the beach and making them move in the water and ill get the water in motion which will look good.

something creative:

i kinda wanted to do the double exposure photography by getting a person to look to the side but make it so there black and them get another picture and over lay it to make it look like there in a different.


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